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VALLE DI CHIARAMONTE is a farm managed with passion from the family Gulino.

It is the ideal place for those who love the authenticity of the Hyblean territory so rich in history, culture and landscapes.

The farm VALLE DI CHIARAMONTE is located on the remains of an old nineteenth-century farmhouse set in the countryside in the province of Ragusa.

The old tenement consisted of housing for workers, stables and warehouses.
Entering from the gate of the estate on the road 6 is the front face of the structure which is clearly visible is reached through a short "VANEDDA" (old country road).
The structure of the front facade is interrupted by arcade that allows entry into the "BAGLIO" (courtyard).

The farmhouse was originally surrounded from houses, from "CASA ABITARA" (room used for milk processing) and warehouses for the storage of seeds and olive oil.


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